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How well does the consultant understand your company, your culture, and your industry?
Previous search experience in the same or related industries is helpful to completing search assignments.  Understanding a client company’s culture can be gleaned through related industry experience and by spending time at the client site.  Seeing the facility firsthand and meeting with the hiring manager and others with whom the position interfaces has no substitute when it comes to cultural understanding.

How well will the consultant represent your company to the outside world?
When interviewing candidates for the position, the search consultant is often the only person that individual has ever met from that company.  Making a positive impression in representing the client company is therefore important to helping “sell” the opportunity to a candidate.




Will a sense of urgency be given to your company on this search assignment?  Is the search firm too busy, does it have too many clients or more urgent searches for others, preventing it from giving priority to your own needs?
This is often a major source of upset to clients, who feel that their search needs are not being handled in a timely manner.  Delay from the client side is beyond the control of the search firm, but delay or lack of urgency displayed by the search firm should never occur.  The client should be treated as if “they are the only client.”

Who will handle the search?  Will the person who sold the search and who interfaces with you be the same person who actually performs the search?  Or, will the search be delegated to other, more junior consultants?
This is another major source of upset to companies.  Nameplate search firms have those who sell and those who do, or accomplish, the search.  Relationships between client and search firm are strongest, and searches are most successful, when both roles are handled by the same consultant.  Large firms with heavy search activity have a division of labor, which increases income, but often at the clients’ expense.

What is the comfort level between the hiring manager and the search consultant?
Auster Associates believes in the two R’s – relationship and results.  Having one without the other may succeed in the short term, but may at some point, fail in the long term.  We never operate as soloists.  Our search process requires a close working relationship between client and consultant, and the comfort level must always remain high.


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